About The Water Footprint Calculator

About The Water Footprint Calculator

Dedicated to creating a more sustainable food system – wanted to raise awareness about how people in the United States use water throughout their day, so they developed the Water Footprint Calculator. This free tool, available in both English and Spanish, illustrates how everyday actions – from washing dishes to watering the lawn to buying groceries – impact water use. The tool links to over 100 water saving tips, and the site has grown to include middle- and high-school lesson plans as well as reference material about water use and the connections between water and food, energy and consumer products.

The daily choices we make to waste less water, whether directly through the tap or virtually through our food, energy and shopping habits, can help us make sure that there’s enough for all of us now and in the future.

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Water and Food are Connected

To learn more about how water and food are connected and how the food we eat also affects the environment, animals and people, check out FoodPrint, where you’ll find plenty of useful information that will help you reduce your impact.