Car Washing

Car Washing

Washing your car doesn’t have to be a water waster. Use our water saving tips below to reduce your water use.

Car washing is part of car maintenance. It doesn’t have to be a major water waster if it’s done properly.

car washing

Car washes that recycle usually display signs or logos that identify the practice.

If you use a car wash, find one that practices conservation and recycles their wash water, if available. Allow the car to drip dry in the bay if possible, so the water gets captured for re-use.

Use self-service car washes. They use the least amount of water because they use high-pressure hoses that have a pistol grip that can be turned on and off easily. Make sure to use the lowest pressure necessary so the water doesn’t evaporate. Turn off the water when soaping up the car and allow the car to drip dry as much as possible so more water gets captured for re-use if they recycle.

Don’t leave the hose running when you wash your vehicle at home. Purchase a squeeze (pistol grip) nozzle for washing the car so you don’t have to turn the tap to start and stop the flow.

Better yet, use two buckets of water and a sponge. One bucket has soapy water and one bucket has clean water for rinsing. Learn more about washing the car at home.

Consider waterless cleaning products and a microfiber towel when you wash the car at home.

Apply wax to your car’s finish. It will keep your car cleaner between cleanings because dirt won’t stick to the surface as easily.

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