It takes a lot of water to produce the food we eat, the energy we use and all the things that we buy. Use our water saving tips below to reduce your water use by using less gasoline. You’ll find lots of ways to shrink your water footprint.

Drive less. You’ll save gas and you’ll also save water. It takes about 3/4 of a gallon of water to extract, refine and transport the gas used to drive one mile. The average person in the US drives 37 miles per day.

Drive slowly and more gently. The faster you drive, the more gas you’ll burn. Also, making jackrabbit starts wastes gas. If you drive more gently, you’ll save both gas and water.

Keep your vehicle properly maintained and your tires properly inflated. Your car will run more efficiently and use less fuel.

Don’t let your engine idle. It wastes gasoline and therefore water.

For your next vehicle, consider getting a fuel-efficient hybrid or even electric vehicle. It could help lower your water footprint because you’ll use less gasoline (or none at all!).

Take public transportation or ride a bicycle whenever you can. You could significantly reduce the part of your water footprint attributed to transportation.

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