Recycle Bottles & Cans

Recycle Bottles & Cans

It takes a lot of water to produce the food we eat, the energy we use and all the things that we buy. Use our water saving tips below to reduce your water use by recycling bottles and cans. You’ll find lots of ways to shrink your water footprint.

Fill a reusable water bottle with the beverage of your choice so you don’t have to buy packaging-intensive, single serving sizes.

Rinse containers before recycling to avoid odors and attracting pests.

Don’t put anything but container glass in the recycling. It might be unrecyclable because glass used for mirrors, glassware, etc. has components that can’t be mixed with container glass.

Make some money from your glass bottles and aluminum cans. Find out if your state has a bottle bill law and if you can get money by recycling glass bottles.

Prepare aluminum cans for recycling by crushing them to save space.