Recycle Paper

Recycle Paper

It takes a lot of water to produce the food we eat, the energy we use and all the things that we buy. Use our water saving tips below to reduce your water use by recycling paper. You’ll find lots of ways to shrink your water footprint.

Use less paper or recycle it – there are lots of ways to do this. Think, “saving paper (or plastic, glass or aluminum for that matter) equals saving water.”

Take advantage of your digital devices and cut back on printing!

For goodness sake, recycle your mail once you’ve read it. Better yet, get off of junk mail lists and sign up for paperless billing.


Bring your own coffee mug or cup if you buy coffee. There’s water in those paper cups and plastic lids!

Recycle that cereal box! A lot of food and product packaging is made from paperboard, which most recyclers now accept.

If you receive a lot of newspapers, check with your local animal shelter or SPCA since they might need them. Better yet, go digital with your newspaper subscription.

Compost those paper towels. Some forms of composting will let you include paper.

Better yet, don’t use paper towels. Use rags that can be washed and reused.

When you do buy paper products, look for those made from recycled content.