How To Save Water

How To Save Water

Water conservation and efficiency don’t have to be a burden. Find some easy ways to use less water and shrink your water footprint with this extensive collection of tips for cutting back on your water use.
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Change Your Diet

It takes a lot of water to grow, process and transport food. To save water, eat lower on the food chain, eat more whole foods and don’t waste food. Read More


Cut Indoor Water Use

There are many ways to cut back on water use throughout your house from your kitchen and bathroom to your laundry room, and even by fixing leaks. Read More

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Use Less Water Outdoors

A quarter to three-quarters of all residential water use in the US is outdoors. A few simple steps can help you reduce your outdoor water use and waste less. Read More

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Save Energy, Save Water

It takes water to make electricity and transportation fuels and it takes energy to move, heat and treat water, so saving energy saves water. Read More

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Change Buying Habits

Everything you buy, use and throw away took water to process and transport. Use less by making thoughtful purchases and reusing and recycling more. Read More