Water Websites for Kids

Water Websites for Kids

Websites for kids that make water topics fun can help teachers, parents and other educators increase kids understanding of the water issues we all deal with.

There are many organizations and websites dedicated to helping kids (even the little ones) understand their water use and become better water stewards. Here’s a short list – let us know if we’ve missed one.

Websites for Kids That Explain Water Issues

There are many excellent (and free!) online water education resources. Here is our curated list of websites, curricula and quizzes you can use in your classroom.

Websites for Kids that Feature Quizzes and Games About Water

Quizzes and games can help kids learn about water without feeling like they’re having to work. These games help kids learn about basic water issues and things like aquifers and river and watershed management.

If you’d like more information to help you teach kids about their water use – their water footprint – check out Lessons For Understanding Our Water Footprints – our middle- and high-school lesson plans.

Is there a website about kids and water use that you’d like us to add? Please let us know at info @ watercalculator.org.